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Evermore built Jesse Santana's exceptional rod has been released from his jock strap's pouch, and handsome, lean Ty Roderick devours the long, bbw bone. Jesse wraps his fist around his balls and thrusts the nut sack into Ty's mouth for a good tonguing before getting back to giving Ty a raunchy face-fuck. Jesse's returning the favor, when tattooed, pierced-nipple and bearded tough guy Derek Parker arrives. The sweaty scene shifts into an ever higher gear as Derek and Jesse double up on Ty's hot, veiny cock. Jesse received a time out on Ty's rod to savor Derek's great hole. But Jesse's ass needs scene bad, and he lies back to let the Ty's rigid pole in where it's tight and warm. Jesse received Ty's pile driving like a champ while sucking on Derek's tool, but Derek wants to switch spots with Jesse to sense the high TPM's (thrusts per minutes) that Ty's delivering. Ty and Jesse are a revved up tag team, and Derek is soon at the receiving finish of Jesse's anal mastery as well. The double-barreled scene makes Derek's cum fly, and suddenly Jesse and Ty glaze his chest with their cum. All 3 of their tongues meet in a final swirl with their tanks on empty. cock ass 2012-10-02 2:00
Wow! Tyler Martin has to be one of the hottest mans ever to visit the Penthouse. Strong as get it on and twice a cute, we weren't about to let this small model escape. Tied down tight to the examination table, it was heaven to walk my hands all over Tyler's toned, tanned upper body, tickling his skin before working my way down under the vanity towel. I had given him a promise not to remove the towel or peek underneath. Both hands under the towel, I could feel Tyler had a lot of promise and the more that I worked around his balls and cock, the more he showed. Towel stripped away, Tyler's hard boner was perfect and Eight inches. A leisurely and agonising hand job deserts him begging to be released and friend was Tyler's sperm worth the wait. hard cock 2012-10-24 1:59
This is a limited DVD run--when it is sold out it will no longer be available in DVD format.In the arid dry heat of the desert, Tony Aziz and Aybars are relaxing, receiving refuge from the sun, and discussing current events over afternoon tea. Aziz asks the guy servant, who is serving them, Dominic Pacifico, to give him a massage. Pacifico obediently obliges. Aybars sits back, as he watches this series unfold. Pacifico massages Azizs feet, moving up his leg, massaging the muscles along the way. Aziz pulls back his robe to show another brawny that needs to be worked on. Pacifico looks at Aziz, and knows what hes after, intuitively reaching for Azizs cock. Speaking in Arabic, Aziz tells him how great it feels, as Aybars watches from across the room, stroking his thickening meaty meat. Pacifico begins to devour Azizs throbbing cock, receiving it all wet. Aybars decides to join in, and walks over and facing Aziz, presents his own hook to be serviced. 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Well hung Chuck and Nick grab bit in few no-holds-barred man-sex in this video. The duo explore each other's cocks, spit and switch roles 3 times before Nick at last takes to swallow Chuck's load. Then it's Nick's turn all over Chucks chest. If you like rock-hard, sexy, filthy guys you're going to love this pair. fuck sucking 2012-05-03 2:00

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